Hey, the Na Na Song

For 3 or more performers with walkman style personal audio systems

Each performer chooses a different song that contains the phrase "Na Na" (and possibly "Hey") See the list below for suggested songs.

Print out or transcribe the lyrics for each song.  Decide which words will be sung and which will be omitted.  Choose to sing or omit words that recontextualize the original lyrics (i.e. omit "don't" to make a negative phrase positive).  Consider how each song's lyrics might work with the other songs to create interest.  In general, omit more words at the beginning of the song than at the ending, and allow most Na Na's and Hey's to be sung, particularly toward the end. Leave some things to the discretion of the performer.

Each performer sings along with his/her song on his/her own walkman-style personal audio system.  Performers should begin playback of their songs in unison.  Headphone volume should be comfortable for each performer.  The audience may or may not hear sound bleeding through the headphones.  Performers may or may not choose to mimic the original singer's style.  Improvisation is encouraged, particularly during guitar solos and other instrumental breaks.  Have fun, move around the performance space, dance.  The piece is over when the last song ends.

"Hey, the Na Na Song" may be performed by anyone.  Vocal training or the ability to sing in an established style is not necessary for the successful realization of this piece.

Download a .pdf file of the score including some sample parts.

Suggested "Hey, the Na Na Song" Songs:

Songs that include both "Na Na" and "Hey"
Song Title Performer Album
Hey Jude The Beatles Beatles 1
Me and Bobby McGee Janis Joplin Pearl
Na Na , Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye Steam Steam

Songs that include "Na na"
Song Title Performer Album
Isobel Bjork Post
Little Fly The Legendary Marvin Pontiac Greatest Hits
Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Evolution
The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down The Band The Band
What I Deserve Kelly Willis What I Deserve

October, 1995
Holland Hopson